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     Our Aim:
To provide true total solutions to our clients, allowing them to focus on their core business,
     while we concentrate on providing the enabling technologies and background systems support.
Welcome to VirtualSales™ Limited
 VirtualSales - The company

VirtualSales™ Limited is based in New Zealand and Australia specialising in salesforce automation software and supporting services such as consultancy, facilities management and project management.

Our staff, both managerial and technical, have many years experience in New Zealand, and overseas in countries that include Australia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

Our expertise has been proven in the development, implementation and support of specialised computer hardware, software, related peripherals and services. Our forte is in the development and use of salesforce automation software for the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sales representative trade. This includes sales representative and related back office applications for which full support and on-going development are paramount. Our consultants have worked with Sales Force Automation for several years supporting businesses operating in the areas of pet care products, beverages, various types of food products, tobacco, milk products, meat by-products and gardening products.

Having managed many projects, our team has successfully proven time and again the solutions we provide. Thus, they are 'low-risk' solutions offering a faster return on your investment (ROI).


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 VirtualSales - Our Aim  

To provide true total solutions to our clients, allowing them to focus on their core business, while we concentrate on providing the enabling technologies and background systems support.



 VirtualSales - Our purpose

 VirtualSales - Research and development
  • To equip and support companies or individuals with the best in Sales Force Automation software
  • To provide the sales force with a user-friendly format that completes invoicing transactions quickly and accurately.
  • To see our client companies or individuals grow in productivity and profitability through the use of our products and services.
  • To provide sales clients with timely and accurate sales information to allow product forecasting as well as interfacing to warehousing and financial systems for stock control and billing.
VirtualSales™ is committed to on-going research and development of its existing products and the introduction of new and innovative applications and services.

As technology progresses so our applications can utilise the benefits that make the whole principle of working smarter, not harder a reality.

We seek to exploit the continuing technology boom for the benefit of our entire clientele allowing them to work with their industry while we handle the IT issues.

To do this, VirtualSales™ aims to be dynamic and flexible and still remain fully aware as the rapid pace of technological advancement produces new methods and techniques.
 VirtualSales - Our goals  
  • To supply the best possible solutions in Sales Force Automation software and services.
  • Provide support and services that are examples to other companies working in similar areas. - To continue with on-going development so VirtualSales™ is always ahead in this field.
  • To ensure our products and services support growth and efficiency of our client companies - when they do well, we do well.
  • To meet and exceed the expectations of clients and their needs.
  • That VirtualSales™ be the first name that comes to mind when requiring software, services or support in the area of Sales Force Automation
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